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In KMD, we aspire to be the preferred Nordic provider of business-critical software
solutions within the Public and Financial sectors.
We deliver the benefits of technology to help our customers succeed and make a
difference in society, business and in everyday life.
We are passionate people with a curious and future-oriented mindset.
We are big thinkers and diligent doers.
We believe that the application of new technology is all about people.
This belief lies at the heart of what we do and how we work.
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Career Opportunities

As the largest Danish IT company, we offer a range of different career opportunities across borders, industries and fields of expertise.

Build technologies, societies & your career

Growing your career in KMD will not only impact yourself but the world around
you. You will get to implement and create innovative solutions that improve
hundreds of thousands lives all across the Nordics, while growing your career

"Three days after I started in KMD, I uploaded a piece of code to a municipality system. It was a crazy feeling because I knew that 100.000 Danes could see my work the next morning" - Developer, Mads, working in R&D

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We are always looking for new colleagues who share our passion for technology.

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