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Why choose KMD Graduate Program?

KMD Graduate program is a customized, structured and safe community for personal development and learning. Ensuring personal growth is key in our vision at KMD, so you can expect challenging, yet rewarding opportunities on a daily basis.

Our extraordinary team of committed leaders and experienced mentors will be ready at hand for you every single day.
You will be an essential part of a passionate and complex workplace in rapid transformation. We unite more than 3000 employees across the Nordic countries, and this unity successfully ensures mutual growth for you and your colleagues.

What does it mean to be a KMD Graduate?

Being part of the KMD Graduate program is a real job experience. You will hold a business-critical position throughout the program while attending courses and certified exams.

Regardless of which graduate position you choose, you will be part of a professional and passionate team of talented people. Forget everything about slow days at the office, being a part of the graduate program means being part of a team consisting of skillful and curious individuals. Your work will have a valuable asset and tangible impact from the very first day.

At KMD you will be the front-runner when it comes to creating real value for people and society. You will be exposed to real life IT- and business problems, and you will have to work hands-on to create solutions, solve issues and collaborate with a variety of people, both externally and internally who, like yourself, are fascinated by technology. Our customers rely on us, and we do not disappoint; this is why we need people like you!

In the graduate program, you will:

  • Follow a structured development program tailored by your manager to ensure your satisfaction and personal growth
  • Join a strong network of dedicated individuals
  • Acquire a vast technical skill-set and develop a profound knowledge within your area
  • Be offered a permanent position within your field once you are finished

Program Tracks

The KMD Graduate Program is divided into three tracks; the IT track, the project management track and the sales track. Each track provides a variety of more specific paths to take in the program. You can read more about what each track offers in the job positions, which can be found here. Regardless of which graduate track you choose, you will be part of a professional and passionate team of talented people. Your work will have an impact on the business from the very first day.

Facts about KMD

  • Founded in 1972
  • Employs more than 3000 people
  • Generates more than 400 billion DKK in revenue every year
  • Hosts more than 800 foreign and Danish companies