kmd graduate

Where graduates create cutting-edge technology

KMD digitizes Denmark and the rest of Europe by offering software solutions for the private and public sector. By new ideas our graduates contribute to create technological solutions that improve the lives of millions of people. That's why we say that KMD is the place where Graduates develop cutting-edge technology.

KMD Graduate program is a customized and structured program for professional development and learning. The graduate program is here to develop and grow some of KMD’s future talented specialists and leaders by providing a framework for accelerated career development. You are exposed to real life IT- and business problems, and you work hands-on to create solutions, solve issues and collaborate with a variety of people, both externally and internally.

In the graduate program, you will:

  • Follow a structured development program tailored by your manager to ensure your satisfaction and personal growth
  • Join a strong network of dedicated individuals
  • Acquire a vast technical skill-set and develop a profound knowledge within your area
  • Be offered a permanent position within your field once you have completed the program

Program Tracks

The KMD Graduate Program is divided into two tracks; IT Consulting & Development and Business Development. Each track provides a variety of more specific paths to take in the program. Regardless of which graduate track you choose, you will be part of a professional and passionate team of talented people. Your work will have an impact on the business from the very first day.

Meet our graduates

Tree of our graduates, Matilde, Nikolaj and Hozidar are here to provide insights into their work. Careful though - you might get hooked!

A great place to work

At KMD it is not only about numbers and business. Most of all, we are an ambitious company with talented, ambitious employees, and every single one of them contributes to making the workdays enjoyable and productive.

Our story is rich and intricate, and over the years we have evolved into a community of people who take pride in creating a welcoming, inclusive and great place to work. We are proud to say KMD is Denmark’s largest, most visionary and ambitious digital workplace.

About KMD

We help keep the wheels moving, both in the public and private sectors. We invest in the Danish and European society and support it with a solid digital infrastructure.

Work life I Social life

In KMD, we believe in flexible working conditions, and our employees are given the opportunity for remote work and flexible work hours. Through dialogue with each other, we find out how to schedule our work life so that it makes sense for the business, the team and the employee.