I’m proud to say that I’m a big nerd! I have a wealth of cool hobbies, and I stay motivated by branching out into stuff like basketball, technology and fashion.

I’m very passionate about my job, but it’s not my only side, you know? I see the beauty in awesome sneakers, and I see the beauty of technology. At KMD there’s room for people like me, and I value that a lot.

The world’s not black-and-white, and neither is anything else. KMD is perfect for me because I’m definitely not the corporate type, but here I can be part of something really big and make a difference.

Alexander Berg Tuxen Marlow, Project Management

I’m a Project Management Graduate because I love working with people, and the interaction and effort it takes to connect with someone on an individual level is unique. For me, the human side comes first and it drives forward the solutions that benefit the project and ultimately the customer.

Alexander Berg Tuxen Marlow

Education:Master of Engineering, Technical University of Denmark

Current position: Project Management