I think all situations can use a bit of humor, and work is no exception. Jump rope is super fun for me, and technology is also fun and exciting. It’s pretty amazing that we can change and improve the way people work just by tapping on a keyboard!

I work with Human Capital Management (HCM) in SAP, it’s really interesting. There’s this interplay between the role as a consultant and the system itself, and in the beginning it was tough, but I’ve learned so much already! I do think it’s important to be thrown out into the deep end sometimes. I have a strong desire to learn new things, and the constant challenges at KMD keep me engaged and happy.

I love working with something real and something that matters.

Sara Holdorff, SAP Consultant

I guess I’m fairly chaotic as a person, but this can sometimes be an advantage, especially in this job. It’s a high-speed area and the young KMD community makes this a cool place to be!

Sara Holdorff

Education: Strategy, Organization & Leadership, Copenhagen Business School

Current position: SAP Consultant